Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP)

Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP)

I wanted to share with you something that I brought home for the AMTA 2017 Volunteer Training.  It was great meeting and networking with so many different therapists from all over the country.  Since all were volunteers from their chapters, we were really able to relate on many levels.  There were some really good points about how we can make the volunteer experience more meaningful.

For one thing, focus on fewer but better developed events.  Second- provide lots of opportunities to delegate simple tasks that encourage stress free involvement and help members get their feet wet. Third – focus on networking, educational, and high visibility events that allow members to utilize their varied talents and build new skills. Whew…..

Another thing we talked about was how the brand of “ Massage Therapy” is being hijacked: Specifically by the sex trade and human trafficking.  Well that’s something we know a lot about in Oklahoma. It’s also something that AMTA is committed to fighting.  Mary Elizabeth (affectionately known as ME) is one of our front runners with the full support of our President India and all of the current and past board members.  We can accomplish so much more together than any of us can do alone.  So really look at how you can support the ongoing effort and not to let a criminal element ruin the work we have already accomplished.

Another priority in protecting the Brand is making sure that Massage Therapy continues to develop in public awareness as an occupation that is skilled and professional.  No matter what focus or methodology we individually integrate in our treatment rooms, we need to do the best we can to support each other and hold ourselves to the highest standards possible.  We do this by educating ourselves about the benefits of these different approaches, keep an open mind about these differences, and give each other the benefit of the doubt.  The most vital part of protecting our Brand is to hold the line when it comes to ethics and professionalism.   If you see something that is fishy speak up.   The better we know each other the more effectively we can do this.  Networking is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to accomplish this.

So, for many many reasons don’t miss a chance to mix it up with your your fellow members.

Looking forward to “mixing it up” with ya’ll soon,

Kelli Lene