Legislative FAQs

Q: How do I apply to get my Oklahoma License?
A: Applications are now being accepted for licensing in Oklahoma. Please refer to the Oklahoma Board of Cosmetology and Barbering website at: https://www.ok.gov/cosmo/Massage_Therapy/index.html

Q: I have read the emergency rules, and do no agree with all of them. Is there any recourse?
A: If you find things in the emergency rules you don’t like, don’t despair! While the advisory board and committees were tasked to consider permanent rules also, the process to approve these is different. The intent is to mirror the emergency rules, but they will have to go to both houses for full approval while being posted in a public forum, for review and public comment, on the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website. You can make your voice heard.

Q: May I attend OSBCB meetings?
A: All state board meetings are open to the public. State boards are required to submit their regularly scheduled meetings to the Secretary of State by December 15th each year. The Advisory Board on Massage Therapy voted to hold their meeting on the fourth Thursday every other month starting in February 2017. OSBCB’s regular schedule is the second Monday every other month starting in January 2017. To search either board on Secretary of State you can click on search meetings and type Cosmetology and Barbering, Board of.

Q: So many of my friends don’t know what is happening in the legislative arena. Why is there not more information available?
A: The AMTA has been promised on many occasions that Grant Moak and Ms. Lewelling will provide us suitable commentary for use to give to news agencies in an attempt to reach massage therapists across the state that may still not know about the law. In the meantime they have asked us not to put out anything out to news agencies. I would ask all that read this to share the news that all massage therapists need to be going to OSBCB Massage Therapy for updates, and if they have questions or concerns to call or email Ms. Lewelling. It would also be great help if we encourage massage therapists to stay engaged with their legislators and voice thanks for passing a ‘massage therapy practice act’ as well as support for moving any language changes needed through in a timely manner. We need to get started on licensing as many of us need to grandfather.