OK Chapter News



Anyone interested in carpooling to Oklahoma City to attend the Day at the Capitol on February 22nd?  Or need a ride to Tulsa for the Annual Meeting and Cupping Class on March 17th / 18th?  Please contact India Carson at: amtaok@gmail.com or call: 405.223.8416




The chapter applied for and was awarded a $20,000.00 LLEAD Grant for 2017-2018 grant period. We have a new contract with Majority Plus LLC that goes into effect on January 1, 2018. Luke Martin and Pat Hall are always on the lookout for any potential issues that may arise, and will act as if they have an active contract with the chapter.

As stated in my last update, it is time for AMTA-OK chapter members to be actively involved on some level to build a coalition. Pat Hall stated that yes SB 693 will need to be rewritten and submitted as a new bill, to be able to move forward with trying to help OSBCB get the language cleanup and the few asks. Creating law isn’t an all or nothing game. We have to continually pay attention to what is going on at the Capitol at any given time and not with just massage therapy. The ‘Right to Work’ coalition is actively seeking to dismantle all professional licensing across the US.
ABMT has had another meeting since the last update. Committees members have been assigned to the original committees; Standards and Practices, Education, Legislative, and Overview. If anyone has interest in serving on any of these committees you will need to contact Laura Grisso to be considered. Laura would like to have more representation outside of the OKC and Tulsa Metro areas. Laura’s contact information is on the OSBCB website.

Those that don’t agree with or are angry about having to license as a massage therapist with the OSBCB can continue to cause us issues. If they have clout with their legislator or create a coalition among themselves, they can seek to overturn the ‘Massage Therapy Practice Act’. The next ABMT meeting was announced as being scheduled on Thursday October 19, 2017 at 10:00 AM. Located at the OSBCB testing center at 2401 NW 23rd St Oklahoma City, OK 73107. If you want to be involved the best thing to do is attend the OSBCB and ABMT meetings. The best way to see when they will be held is to go to the Secretary of State website and click on open meetings tab, search Cosmetology and Barbering, Board. Pat informed that if they have the agendas posted at their location only they met the guidelines set forth on the open meeting act. It is our responsibility to know for certain when the meetings are being held and where.

Thank you, Mary Elizabeth Le Blanc AMTA-OK GR Chair